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Regrow Hair with Rosemary Oil

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There are many people around the world who use rosemary herb in their kitchen, especially for Italian dishes. Food with rosemary can help increase liver function and relieve upset stomachs. Rosemary herb is not just useful in the kitchen, but this herb has also been shown to assist with a range of beauty concerns, especially to assist in improving hair growth.

You can get rosemary oil from the distillation of rosemary leaves. This oil is of a minty-balsamic aroma that is pleasant and therapeutic. The properties of rosemary oil include the following: astringent, antimicrobial, antioxidant, analgesic, digestive, carminative, antiseptic, restorative, tonic and stimulating.

One of benefits of rosemary oil for hair is stimulating hair growth. It has been used by many cultures for centuries for many medicinal and therapeutic reasons. Some people say that rosemary oil cannot stimulate hair growth; however, there are still many people who use this herbal oil to prevent hair loss and baldness. The Italians, Spanish, and French have been using rosemary oil for hair regrowth for centuries; they usually use rosemary oil in a hair rinse and conditioner.

How Rosemary Oil Promotes Hair Growth

Rosemary oil can stimulate division of cells and dilate vessels of blood, and in line, stimulates hair follicles into creating new hair growth. Rosemary oil is not the only necessary oil that can improve hair growth.

Rosemary Uses for Hair Growth

There are many hair care products containing rosemary oil such as rosemary oil shampoo and conditioner, rosemary supplements, rosemary lotions. You can use rosemary oil shampoo to wash and condition your hair, or just massage rosemary oil onto the scalp to stimulate hair growth. You can combine rosemary oil with other essential oils to treat other scalp and hair problems such as tea tree oil, or you can substitute with other hair-growth stimulants like sage, geranium, lemon, or cypress essential oils.

Rosemary Hair Oil Recipe

You can use this rosemary hair oil recipe to thicken your hair and to induce hair growth. To prepare it, mix 1/2 teaspoon lecithin, 1/2 oz. avocado oil, 2 oz. sweet almond oil and 1 teaspoon wheat germ oil in a bowl. Then add 15–20 drops of rosemary oil. Mix the oils together, then pour it into a jar or glass bottle and leave it for about an hour or so. Boil two glasses of water and put the bottle of oil into it to warm the oil up. You can massage the warm oil to your hair about 10 minutes before rinsing it. You can use this rosemary oil at least twice a week.

Another rosemary hair treatment recipe: Mix 1/4 cup of warm olive oil, 2 sprigs of dried rosemary and 5 drops of rosemary essential oil. Blend all these oils in a bowl of glass, strain and pour it into a glass bowl or dark tinted glass. Apply this mixture to the whole scalp then wrap your head with a towel. Leave it on for half an hour and then thoroughly wash it off.

Rosemary Oil Benefits for Hair

Rosemary oil is good for hair loss; frizzy, brittle, dry hair; and an oily scalp. Using rosemary oil for the hair will assist in cleansing the scalp from contamination and dirt and will stimulate hair growth. However, don’t use rosemary oil if you suffer from high blood pressure or epilepsy or during pregnancy.

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